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From our Investors :

Our sincere thanks to Ed and the team at Ray White Bli Bli for finding us a tenant that not only comes highly recommended, but in record time! We are so very grateful to you all.
Landlord – Twin Waters

After recently moving back into our Bli Bli property and having had it as an investment property for over five years, I would like to say a huge thank you to the team at Ray White Bli Bli for your property management.

As you are aware you took over the management of our property as we were getting such poor service from another real estate office and this resulted in our property being neglected and over the years it was starting to show. You and the team you work with dealt with the issues inherited from the previous agency in such a methodical and professional manner, progressively turning the tide and having the tenants pulled into line and the property being more appropriately cared for. Your communication was excellent, timely, informative and effective, all done with a positive and lively spirit. I really do feel that you managed our property as if it was your own, which is going that extra mile and beyond.

In an industry where there seems to be so may ‘horror stories’, I can easily say I have been the most comfortable having my property managed by Ray White Bli Bli than I have been in the sixteen years I have had investment properties. All real estate agencies claim to be the best, especially here on the Sunshine Coast, with the best service and care for your property, and I am sure so many of them would fail their own claims, but you guys are testament to being at the top of your game, and others should follow your lead. Hats off to you.

I highly recommend your services without question, and will not hesitate to use them again when required. Again, thank you so much, and best wishes for the future to all at Ray White Bli Bli.
Landlord – Phil Hermes (Parklakes)

To The Property Management Team,
Your property management skills are and always will be appreciated. This was stress free for us – I don’t think we were lucky –  we left the management with you –  the advertising, the screening of all Tenants, rents were always 100%, the care of our Investment, the photos, maintenance was backed up early and efficiently by trades people you organised. Our return on our investment was our goal and we reached that.
To be able to rent our property and then have your Team sell it for us when the time came, was fantastic for Scott and I.
Andrew kept us so well informed on a daily basis with not 1 of our sales but the 2nd as well.
It’s no secret I lived in Bli Bli for 16 years invested in 2 homes there over a period of 20 years  – would I do it again – in a heart beat – Bli Bli is a hidden treasure on the Sunshine Coast.
Ray White Bli Bli thank you all and Andrew I’ll let you buy me a coffee on our next trip over to the Sunny Coast.
Keep doing what you all do so well.
Scott and Debbie Carter – Landlord (Parklakes)

Hi Ed,

Thanks again for an EXCELLENT rental report. Very interesting reading and very comprehensive, and very clearly and attractively presented. I’d love one from all the agencies I deal with !
By the way, you are the only one of the dozen I deal with, that supply such a thing!
Your efforts are VERY much appreciated!
Landlord – Bli Bli (Casey)

I have been very happy with the property management services, I am always contacted and given honest advice regarding the maintenance of my properties or other concerns, I value this honesty as I am unable to return to the properties due to distance. The ladies are always happy to oblige with photos or other details required.
Landlord (Parklakes)

I have stayed with the team since the 1990s.
All the staff have been friendly, efficient and practical. I love the fact that the there have been only 3 property managers in all that time. I like the stability and the fact that they know my property well.
Landlord – Bli Bli (Casey)

It has always been a pleasure to deal with the rental management team – service is great, prompt and friendly.
Landlord – Bli Bli (Campflat)

We’ve been really happy with the service and high standards provided by Ray White over the last five years, thank you!
Landlord – Bli Bli (Crane)

We just want to say a BIG thank you for looking after our property with such professionalism. Since we have moved agencies to you, we haven’t looked back, and we are now receiving the service all owners hope for. You as a team, have helped us through some tough times with this property (you know what I mean…) and it certainly hasn’t gone un-noticed. We all like to get a thank-you at work, and that’s what we are saying.
Landlord (Parklakes)

Lovely team. Communicate well. Very pleasant and knowledgeable to work with.
Landlord – Bli Bli (Bellevue)

Your efficiency and hardwork looking after our rental property are much appreciated.
Landlord – Bli Bli (Nabal)

From our Tenants :

I’ve found that there is great communication between tenant, property manager and owner.
If I had my own property to rent I would not hesitate to leave it in Ray White Bli Bli’s hands.
Tenant – Bli Bli (Crane)

Thank you for being such professional and caring property managers.
Tenant (Parklakes)

You always listen to anything we have to say/suggest and act appropriately. Some things in our favour some not but that is ok. Do not change! You are all excellent and do a fantastic job. (we have rentals in Tasmania and understand a little bit about it). Although we know you have systems in place it is all about the personnel and you have excellent staff in your Bli Bli office.
Tenant (Whitecross)

We would like to thank you for your professionalism and amazing service during our tenancy in Bli Bli. It was a pleasure dealing with you all and our time there will be fondly remembered.
Tenant (Parklakes)

I’m happy with the service from the staff and hope it will continue to be prompt, efficient and friendly.
Tenant (Pacific Paradise)